Alex Musca

Tech guy with a passion for understanding the world around me and making it better. I do this through writing code.

I design and build software. I helped make or improve products like Babele, PartnershipOnAI and Coastline Academy.

For the last 8 years I’ve been doing freelance consultancy work in industries such as education, data management and visualization, touristic entertainment, and IoT.

I’ve been involved in the full cycle of a web application product and I can help you take advantage of the newest tech.

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AI Incident Database / Open source SaaS

AIID is a repository of events that involve AI systems.

It’s a very dear project for me due to its impact on the world and the people I’ve worked with here. As a full-stack senior developer, I’ve helped improve the AI incident discovery tool by making the UI/UX easier to use, faster, and more intuitive.

I’ve also contributed to the taxonomy support implementation. This allows for applying a certain structure to the raw events and extracting valuable data for stats builders.

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Babele / B2B SaaS

Babele helps accelerators and organizations manage socially impactful projects via a web platform, which offers a structured way for organizing people, ideas, resources, and methodologies.

I joined the project as a team lead and together, we were able to improve UI/UX, cut loading times by about 70% and reduce the cost of adding new features. This led to a 23% increase in user retention.

Coastline Academy / Tech Driving School

Coastline Academy is a driving school that leverages the power of tech through it’s state of the art web platform.

As a full-stack senior developer, I was involved in the development of the backend admin platform for the support team and laying the foundation for the user-facing systems.

My biggest involvement was in the driving lessons booking system and cypress testing setup.

My biggest challenge was working on the complex, event-based purchasing system.

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