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IoT management dashboard

Full-Stack Developer - Infomoss - January 1, 2017
React.jsDockerReduxNode.jsRedisELK Stack

Overview and objectives

This admin dashboard made in React and Redux was design to process a lot of data ether through HTTP requests to linked services or directly processing on the client.

The 2 main purposes were to manage Intel Nuc smart devices placed on-board of traveling busses and to process and display stats about those devices.

It offered to the fleet managers tools to administrate a large number of devices (buses) by being able to monitor them throw geo data, control the content on those devices, controlling provisioning and backups and also analyzing stats in order to improve performance.


The main challenge for me was to work with ELK stack and aggregate data through Elasticsearch in a way that was needed in the frontend stats module. Designing the queries in a way that would be efficient and give a useful result or metric.